Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Are the Ravens gonna make it?

DON'T hold ur breath if u're waiting to hear whether or not the ravens meet the july 19th conditional deadline set forth by the NLL...

we talked to owner tom mayenknecht earlier... unfortunately for the ravens, they couldn't do anything without the arena lease, which they only got done monday, for GM Place... so first ads were run today, one day before the deadline. other than that, the group's tried to rely on sports media coverage, but that's been limited, to say the least. my thoughts are either the team doesn't fly, or tom and bob purchase the remaining tickets even if they're not close to the 2500... we'll see. if u still wanna get tickets and help the push to get the ravens back to vancouver tho, do it now! at

these were some of the other marketing ideas we threw the ravens' way:.. Run a campaign tied in with Canada Day, to 'Bring Canada's National Sport back to BC/Canada'... run a marketing print and web campaign at a low CPM to take advantage of the conditional date, by creating a sense of urgency in consumers... To sell limited edition shirts that said 'Bring the Ravens Back', raising cash and having others promote for you... To create an event that utilized music, handouts and a lax demonstration... To hit Robson during the day, Granville at night with a Street Team/hot girls... To sponsor club events, and a game at the FIFA jr.s or BC Lions where the target market's already at... etc, etc... nway,

Again, July 19 is the date the Ravens have to meet the NLL's conditional requirements. if you'd like to still help and get your tickets, check out that's all we here at FUJ can do for now. hopefully there's a large enough push, because with the right people in the front office, there's no reason pro lax here in bc can't work.