Friday, June 22, 2007

NLL Ravens Season Tickets now on Sale

Over two months ago we broke news to you that the Vancouver may be getting a new NLL team in 2008... and it's close to be coming a reality if the team can meet the conditional requirements set forth by the NLL, including the sale of 2,500 Season Tickets by July 19th. To help, show ur support and grab season tickets today.

Here are your prices. All seats are in the lower bowl + you only need to place a 25$ deposit to reserve your tickets. Taxes and service fees extra:

- Black ::: seats behind the nets - 18/game, 144/season
- Red ::: corner seats - 24/game, 192/season
- Silver ::: bench or opposite bench side - 30/game, 240/season

To order your tickets, click here

BTW, if you're thinking you should be able to buy a 2-pack or 4-games (half-season) instead - that the NLL should also consider Season Ticket (ST) Equivalents, we agree. But that's not the condition. For the Ravens to fly back to Van, they need to sell 2,500 STs... the reason full-season tixs are only for sale atm.