Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NLL Outdoor Field Lacrosse Showcase

The rumors have been flying around for a few years now: the NLL is going to expand to the outdoor game. The thinking of course behind the expansion concept: An outdoor league would benefit the NLL with additional media support and revenue opportunity. Long-term, it would also provide NLL players the opportunity to lax year-round... (some are concerned this proposed league would therefore kill the CLA and MLL and seriously hurt the sport up in Canada). Nway, until yesterday, the rumors were just that. Rumors.

Monday, however, the NLL took another step in the direction of adding an outdoor league, and announced they would host a 'NLL Outdoor Showcase' on September 1. The game, to be held in Colorado, will feature the NLL Colorado Mammoth squad against a team of NLL all-stars. Playing in the game will be stars the likes of Gary Gait, Gavin Prout, Brian Langtry, Dan Carey, Johnny Grant Jr., Colin Doyle, Brodie Merrill, Taylor Wray, Sean Morris and Kyle Harrison - all guys who currently double their time in the NLL and MLL.

And it's with those types of guys committed to a split NLL in/outdoor league + major sponsorship dollars from Reebok + a failing MLL league plagued by low attendance numbers, weak marketing and corporate partner dollars - we see an NLL outdoor league starting up as early as 2008/9.

Tickets for the 'Showcase' start at $5 and are on sale now - online at TicketHorse.com or by phone at 1.866.461.6556.