Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Adidas Launches Lacrosse Line

ADIDAS is launching its first line of products for lacrosse in the fall. fuck. just another main-stream competitor along with NIKE and REEBOK that will dominate the retail channels...

true lacrosse is adidas' slogan? c'mon, it's a german company, who sponsors nascar! still, u know they're gonna be major players. and doing my costs, it only really makes sense to do what these guys are doing - mass produced stuff through china or india at super cheap costs - if u wanna make solid profits... but, alas, we're still doing limited lax prints. we want to remain underground and away from that mass-produced ish nway...

how burton and hurley better represent the surfer life-style then ohhh? let's say, a nike or adidas, we want to better rep the true lax community... FUJ will always remain true to the lax scene. being independent and doing ur own thing. our first official release will be seen at the 07 minto and mann cup up in british columnia, canada...

the new adidas line will be produced in partnership with the Henson Group. adidas, the German athletic shoe company, also recently completed its first nascar deal with a new line and sponsorship agreement.

ADIDAS acquired reebok for $3.8 billion in August 05, in an attempt to close in on Nike - the world's biggest athletic apparel maker... August of this year, adidas reported its second-quarter net profit rose 27% on the yr, as it begins to realize gains from that takeover... first-half 07 sales worldwide for adidas were $6.8 billion.

NIKE officials said however, they were still on target to meet their goal of $23 billion in annual sales by 2011. For the fiscal year, Nike reported sales rose by 9% to $16.3 billion... yup, these guys are major players, profit-driven... "Nike is a growth company, and fiscal year 2007 was no exception," said Nike CEO, Mark Parker. "We delivered another record year of revenue, earnings and cash flow."

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