Sunday, March 16, 2008

World Jr.s

attended a U-19 world junior championship organizing event last week... really think these guys need to pull it together, although, it may already be too late. people plan for major trips one year out... with only four months to go before the world jr.s in coquitlam, bc, only 81 ticket packages have been sold! and do u see any marketing of the event now?????

the worlds in 06 reported a bad loss, but apparently the women's 07 world jr.s turned a profit, even tho attendance for the final weekend at about 2K. weird.

bottom line: lacrosse right now is run by people who are involved in lacrosse, but it's not managed by marketing or business professionals who have experience creating brands. the ILF should hire some sport marketing professionals and put together a solid campaign. it's not difficult but until it's done, lacrosse attendance and revenues will continue to blow.