Friday, December 21, 2007


by Steve Kojima ::: So Friday was officially the last day of work at the corporate job, and now I'm just writing and working full-time at FUJ... exciting, 'cause I think we're gonna do some really chill stuff, but the 60K, 10-4 gig, was definitely coushy.

nway, recently asked for my predictions on the 2008 season, and I still don't really know where to slot the teams, and who's gonna finish All-Pro...

i thought i'd blog it and "write it out" - cause that usually helps... but with that said, pre-season predictions really mean jack... they're good for pr, but that's about it. i think the pre-post-season predictions should come 1/4 of the way through... so with that said, f the write out. im going drinking... cahill!