Sunday, December 9, 2007


NLL teams have to cut their rosters down to 23 by this thursday... and some key guys already got let go. there were a couple of pre-season games this weekend, where guys were looking to make statements and not only earn spots, but playing time on top lines... two rookies to watch out for this season recorded hat-tricks, including rochester's matt lyons and minny's craig point... the first official NLL game kicks off this month.

and speaking of cuts, we've gotta decide where we're writing this season, as now four publications have asked us to contribute. also, with the new sponsorships we're considering, we're wondering if we're growing too fast, too soon. we definitely wanna try and keep this thing low-key, and true to the underground scene... but at the same time, it's gonna be difficult to pass on some of these great opportunities...

stay tuned. and hit us up if you wanna pick up some of our fading stock for the christmas season, etc. cheers