Thursday, November 1, 2007


Wholly! how much longer could we put off building a website. It's getting a little ridiculous. Writing for IL, however, has been dope. Interviewing guys like Johnny Tavares, Johnny Grant Jr. and the likes has been a trip. The bonus is IL has liked our coverage and asked us to do additional articles, and become a regular NLL contributor for this '08 season. Should be a ton of fun!

But between that and taking on a new role at the corporate job, FUJ has fallen on the back burner. And learning more of the advanced web design stuff has been more difficult than we originally thought. That said, we hope you like the blog... It's a format that IL is actually moving to now with And they're working on a new boxla specific site for the NLL that's also blog central. That'll be released in mid-December. Stay tuned to our site for more on it.

nway, just thought we'd provide that quick rant... have a good one. SPOOJ