Thursday, November 1, 2007

oh yeah, and up-date on the lax stuff:

1/ the NLL cancelled their season, then five business days later decided to call it back on. But since then two teams have dropped out in AZ and Boston, with the Sting likely done for good. Rumors are another team or two may still go dark for '08. We're gonna stay on-top of it for - a really well run mag, of course also owned by ESPN.

2/ Team Canada did select their u-19 roster and it includes a lot of young studs. at that age tho, one year of development means a lot and the boys still might not be able to run with the americans, who have simply been dominated at the world jrs. we'll have more up-dates on the worlds as they come along. plus,

3/ we'll be helping to coach the new bermuda jr. national team. FUJ will also likely be doing some dope gear for the squad. stay tuned.