Tuesday, October 2, 2007

RBK Lacrosse, New Gear

InsideLacrosse.com unveiled new RBK lacrosse gear on their site. there's some dope stuff... with their NLL sponsorships, these guys are big. they're doing exciting things.

after this year they should have all the kinks out. they're really getting this stuff out from design to production quick. as they should, given it's the same material and cuts as their football, hockey gear, etc.

... it's intimidating to think we're trying to go up against these guys with FUJ, an independent line. actually, it's deadly. i may apply for an open position with STX for that reason...

funny thing is, STX - with its history and its major sponsorships in both the box and field leagues, may actually now be the smallest lax brand on the market, when compared with the big dollar boys of Warrior / New Balance, Reebok, Nike and Adidas... the game's changing

nway, here's reebok's sick new gear. notice the pump.