Saturday, May 12, 2007

NCAA and MDIA College Lax, Centre Stage!

this is what it's all about. where the all-american players separate themselves from the average. where the point padders dissappear and the clutch players rise up, take a team on their back and advance em deep into the playoffs... who's taking it this year?

--- NCAA Varsity Lax, May 12-28 (Final Four May 26-28) ---May 12 – 13 opening round match-ups: No.1 DUKE vs Providence; No. 2 VIRGINIA vs Delaware; No.3 HOPKINS vs. Notre Dame. No.4 CORNELL vs Towson. No. 5 Albanay vs. LOYOLA; No. 6 Georgtown vs. PRINCETON; No. 7 MARYLAND vs UMBC; No. 8 North Carolina vs. NAVY.. Prediction: DUKE

--- MDIA College Lax, May 15-19 ---No.1 BYU vs. Texas A&M; No.2 CSU vs. Florida; No.3 OREGON vs. Lindenwood; No. 4 MICHIGAN vs. Northeastern; No. 5 UCSB vs. Georgia; No. 6 Minnesota-Duluth vs. SONOMA STATE; No. 7 COLORADO vs. ASU; No. 8 ARIZONA vs. Boston College… Prediction: OREGON