Sunday, May 20, 2007

Team Canada Wins Indoors

Canada defeated the Iroquois, 15-14 to capture the 2007 ILF World Indoor title. Grant continued his stellar season, leading Canada with 5 Goals. Young stud Jeff Zywicki had 7 assists, while the Iroquois were led by Bucktooth, Powless and Boberry.

The US picked up the bronze, beating England 17-10... RECAP SEMI's: Canad defeated England 24-8, Iroquois beat the States, 14-4... box is still a canadian game...

Canada was pretty solid for this tourney. Their roster: Carey, Cosmo, Cousins, Dawson, Dietrich, Doyle, N. Gajic, Gallant, Grant, Kelusky, Lough, McCready, Merrill, Murray, Nash, Prout, Self, Tavares, Toll, Driscoll, Williams, T. Wray, Zywicki... Still we feel there's a little bit of a boys club with this team. Ratcliff for one, who lead the tourney in scoring for England, should start making this team.

Canada win's the ILF 2008 World Indoors, after capturing the World Outdoors in 2006. The Canadian field squad scored an impressive 15-10 victory over the USA, July 22, 2006. The Championship was Canada's first Worlds (Outdoor) in 28 years.