Saturday, January 20, 2007

Weak Marketing Efforts

so there are actually some games on tv tonight - just not our set... Toronto plays Rochester tonight at 7:30 EST. It's the Rock's home opener and will be aired live on Roger Sportsnet Ontario/East. Why we can't get it in the West beats us. but it's a joke. and we're gonna start a petition here soon where you can leave your name, so we can get some lax on tv!!!

anyways, wanted to write this post cause of the poor stunt edmonton pulled last week. paying 30 grand to have rodman at the NLL game - and then not have any coverage of the game/team. that's brutal. what was the point... no wait. according to their forum "The Rush will add a second hot motorcycle to their collection when master designer Alex Mardikian delivers a specially created Von Kustom Cycle"... yeah, that'll make sports fans want a go see a NLL game...???

thankfully, there are some teams that are actually thinking about their marketing and communications campaign. and the most talked about, is NY. honestly, the Titans are going to be awesome for this league if they put a strong product together at the game... cause they're a media hub. and they're proving they'll be a competitive team right outta the gate.

the NLL will be featured at Madison Square Garden and New York city for the first time ever tonight when the Titans take on the Shamrox. (think the league scheduled NY to take on Chicago thinking they'd be the easist opponent - but the Rox are 2-0 to start the season and may prove spoilers. hopefully tho, the game will be exciting right down to the final whistle, and keep peps wanting to come back for more...

the New York Titans have been all over the media this week. apparently. they were on the morning NY news, ringing in the bell at the NY Stock Exchange, promoting the game at live interviews on CNBC and Sortsnet New York's Daily News. A column was also run in the New York Times and the home opener was higlighted in the "What to Watch" section of the new issue of Sports Illustrated. However, we couldn't find that article on - after doing a search on their site and trying to visit "More Sports" where they have 'Horse Racing' and 'Figure Skating' - but no lax. btw, we also did a search on for 'lacrosse' and 'NLL' but again, no results...

uhh yeah. NLL marketing. you gotta love it. oh well, maybe you'll see some of the highlights on tv tonight... or not. despite all the story lines, despite all the action we know is gonna be thrown down tonight, yep. we'll basically see none of it. weak.