Thursday, December 28, 2006

NLL adds More Teams, New Rules

the NLL added two expansion teams to its now 13-team league, New York and Chicago. and has promised a crackdown in infractions, much like the NHL.. this includes increased fines for high hits to the head and a new rule that doesn't allow offensive players to be cross-checked if they aren't in possession of the ball... in addition, the league has opened up drives to the crease, as my post below notes.

the result of the all these new NLL rule changes should be increased scoring and excitement in a sport that already offers more than the avg fan can handle... the NLL kicks off its 21st professional season this Sat. Dec. 30 with Buffalo vs. Portland and Rochester vs. Colorado - a franchise who drew over 16,000 fans a game last season, and are expected to sell-out their home opener.

don't be fooled though. with all these new rules designed to increase scoring and showcase offensive talent, there won't be a decrease in the toughness and fighting that's associated with the sport of boxla. box lacrosse is considered one of the roughest sports out there... despite what the NBA or so called "no boys allowed" league may say. with their foul calls for just touching a player...

you see, with lacrosse body checks and cross-checking - unlike any other sport - is allowed. actually, it's encouraged. you are supposed to cross-check to play proper defense.. plus, the regular season is only 16-games long so every game counts... in fact, with all the dives through the crease that are likely to come this new season because of the new Air Gait rule, i wouldn't be surprised to see an increase in tilts.

that's because the NLL has no instigator penalty for fighting... meaning. if you hit a goalie on one of your dives through the crease, be ready to fight when you get up... in lax, you just don't touch the goalie with out paying a price... it's one of those unwritten rules...