Saturday, December 30, 2006

2007 NLL Preview, West

talk about parity. i'm trying to rank these west division teams and it's hard to do... meaning, the NLL's gonna feature more great action and close scroing games in 07... here are the teams competing out of the West...

West Division

Calgary Roughnecks
2006: 9-7
Studs: Lewis Ratcliff, Kerri Susheski, Tracey Kelusky, Taylor Wray, Andrew Leyshon (G)
Outlook: Love the offensive talent on this roughnecks team. with the likes of Ratcliff, Cable, Susheski, Kelusky and Toth the necks will be in the playoffs in '07... their only question mark is on D. Leyson used to dominate Jr.A but he's yet to prove himself in the NLL. Overall, the Necks are young with ish to prove. They'll play together as Canadians, and they'll play well... 1st place

Colorado Mammoth
2006: 10-6. Won Cup
Studs: Gavin Prout, Josh Sims, Nenad Gajic, Ben Prepchuck, Gee Nash (G)
Outlook: The Mammoth are defending their Champions Cup title. They lose Jay Jalbert and will be relying on some young talent in bining, bloom, gajic, cornfield, et. all to tally... Still, they've gotta be a favoriate... What may be best about Colorado, they sell-out every game and that home court field is an advantage. 2nd place

Arizona Sting
2oo6: 8-8.
Studs: Craig Conn, Dan Dawson, Matt Brown, Chris McKay, Rob Blasdell (G)
Outlook: The Sting are strong with talent and they have the box skill and mindset to do extremely well in o7. No one thought they could get to the Cup a few year's ago, but they did. The guys in this room believe they can do it again... Look for the trio of Conn, Dawson and Brown to be a threat everytime they touch the court. 3rd place

San Jose Stealth
2006: 5-11
Studs: Colin Doyle, Jeff Zywicki, Gary Rosyski, Andrew Guindon, Anthony Cosmo (G)
Outlook: Gotta like the offense of Doyle, Zywicki and Rosyski... Combined with the steady tending of Anthony Cosmo and SJ is easily the most improved team in '07. They've yet to prove themselves winners in the NLL, but this may be their year. 4thplace

Portland Lumberjax
2006: 11-5
Studs: Peter Morgan, Ryder Bateman, Ryan Powell, Brodie Merril, Dallas Eliuk (G)
Outlook: The Jax had great success finishing top of the West in their inagrual season. Led by coach Derek Keenan and tender Dallas Eliuk, the Jax seemed to find ways to win last year... Maybe it's cause their not flashy, but we can't see a repeat of that success. 5th place

Edmonton Rush
2006: 1-15. The good: they've got a wicked website. Check it out! Watch some highlights.
Studs: A.J. Shannon, Dan Stroup, Jimmy Quinlan, Jamie Roy, ? (G)
The Rush added Shannon, but that was their only good move in the off season for a team with just 1W. They got rid of young studs T. Heavenor and K. Susheski to sign aging players Dan Stroup and Chris Gill? Weird. not to mention, who's their starting tender? Edmonton will be rushing to the bottom of the standings right from season's start. 6th place
compare FUJ's predicitions to TSN's